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Project coordination:

Prof. Paweł Moskal
e-mail: p.moskal@uj.edu.pl

tel.: +48 12 663 55 58
fax.: +48 12 663 70 86


Upcoming events

Jagiellonian Symposium of Fundamental and Applied Subatomic Physics

I Krakowskie Sympozjum "Układy Programowalnej Logiki"


The PhD studies are carried out by Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University in the framework of the International PhD Programme run by the Foundation for Polish Science based on the European Structural Funds.The primordial aim of the proposed PhD studies is the transfer to the industrial applications of the most advanced radiation detection, as well as electronics and computing methods developed for the needs of nuclear and particle physics experiments. The proposed project aims at the synergetic and effective interplay of fundamental and applied science. A synergy which will allow the PhD students to become highly qualified experts, with a broad research horizon, prepared to cope with most up-to-date technologies of nuclear and particle physics in modern industrial and environmental applications.

The basic research push the frontiers of technologies which nowadays can find a relatively fast applications in almost all fields of activities in the modern developed societies. The plethora of phenomena known form the basic nuclear physics research and the techniques developed for the registration of radioactivity are widely used e.g. (i) in the advanced modern medical diagnostic, functional imaging of living organisms, therapy and dosimetry, (ii) in ecological energy production, (iii) in material sciences e.g. in development of new radioactivity-pure materials for accurate dosimetry of low activities and environmental radiation protection which becomes especially important in the context of the program of building nuclear power plants in Poland, (iv) in the high-performance programmable electronics including real-time data processing and optoelectronics transmission of signals, which is of importance for medical imaging devices, radio-therapy, control and monitoring of nuclear power plants as well as for many other modern commercial applications like e.g. new generation of digital cameras.