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Project coordination:

Prof. Paweł Moskal
e-mail: p.moskal@uj.edu.pl

tel.: +48 12 663 55 58
fax.: +48 12 663 70 86


The recruitment will be conducted by the Recruitment Committee consisting of Polish and foreign partners. The recruitment will be conducted in two stages. In the first step the evaluation of the applications submitted by the candidates will be performed. The best-ranked candidates will be invited to an oral examination held at the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Warsaw, Hoża 69, Warsaw, Poland. Successful candidates will be selected by the Committee on the basis of the total number of points from the second stage of selection.

The minimum requirements for candidates are

  • Master of Science degree (or equivalent) in physics, computer science, electronics or related fields (providing appropriate background education for subject of PhD Programme) The Master of science diploma can be delivered after the second stage of the recruitment but it must be available before the signment of the contract.
  • Strong scientific interests in physics / computer science / electronics.
  • Good knowledge of English (spoken and written).

The candidates should submit applications containing the following documents

All documents should be submitted in the pdf format to the address: p.moskal@uj.edu.pl and wislicki@fuw.edu.pl

  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Summary of scientific achievements (list of publications, scientific awards etc.).
  • List of presentations (oral and poster) by the candidate at conferences/workshops/schools.
  • One or two letters of recommendation (preferentially send directly to the committee via email p.moskal@uj.edu.pl and wislicki@fuw.edu.pl)
  • Short application (maximum two pages) including :
    1. Description of candidate's research interests, qualifications for the project, previous research experience. Information on additional skills which may be of relevance for the project.

The following criteria will be taken into account in the first stage of the evaluation process

  • Final results of the master's studies (0-20 points).
  • Scientific achievements (0-20 points).
  • Adequacy of the prepared application with respect to the subject of the PhD programme (0-15 points).
  • Presentations at conferences/workshops/schools (0-15 points).
  • The reference(s) (0-15 points).
  • Additional qualifications relevant from the point of view of the PhD programme (0-15 points).

Selection criteria – second stage

  1. Oral examination (conducted in English) in one domain selected by the candidate out of the below listed (0-50 points):
    1. Computer science technologies (topics.)
    2. Detection of nuclear radiation (topics).
  2. Presentation in English (max 15 min.), with the use of PowerPoint or similar application, on a subject matching any topic contained in the project (0-50 points).
  3. Sum of points from the first stage of recruitment (0-100 points).

Based on the total number of points from the second stage of the selection procedure the Recruitment Committee will select top candidates to be admitted to the project.

Important dates

The deadline for submission of applications is 15 July 2012.
Candidates will be informed (by email) about the results of the first stage selection process on 16th of July, 2012.
The second stage selection will take place on 19th of July 2012 in the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Warsaw, Hoża 69, Warszawa, Poland. The interview may be also held via skype.
The candidates will be informed (by email) of the result of the selection on 20th of July 2012.