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Project coordination:

Prof. Paweł Moskal
e-mail: p.moskal@uj.edu.pl

tel.: +48 12 663 55 58
fax.: +48 12 663 70 86


  1. Rozwój dwuwymiarowego, termoluminescencyjnego systemu dozymetrycznego dla zapewnienia jakości w jonoterapii nowotworów
    Jan Gajewski
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  2. phi meson production in proton-proton collisions in the NA61/SHINE experiment at CERN SPS
    Antoni Marcinek
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  3. Studies of alpha clustering in nuclei
    Jinesh Kallunkathariyil
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  4. Digital Pulse Shape Analysis with Neural Networks: Application to Flow Measurements in the ASY-EOS Experiment
    Sebastian Kupny
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  5. Development of magnetic field control system in the nEDM experiment
    Grzegorz Wyszyński
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  6. Background in the Gerda and DarkSide Experiments. Radioactive Ions in Cryogenic Liquids.
    Krzysztof Pelczar
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  7. Investigation of Deuteron Disintegration
    G. Khatri
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  8. Self-Supporting Straw Tube Detectors for the COSY-TOF and PANDA Experiments
    Sedigheh Jowzaee
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  9. Development and applications of tracking of pellet streams
    Andrzej Pyszniak
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  10. Search for eta-mesic helium via dd -> 3Henpi0 reaction by means of the WASA-at-COSY facility
    Magdalena Skurzok
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  11. Feasibility studies for open charm measurements with NA61/SHINE experiment at CERN-SPS
    Yasir Ali
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    Sushil Sharma
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  13. A Novel Data Acquisition System based on Fast optical links and universal readout boards
    Grzegorz Korcyl
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  14. The two-nucleon and three-nucleon systems in three dimensions
    Kacper Topolnicki
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